Atlanta Adult Roller Hockey League


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the AARHL policy on fighting?
Q: How old do I have to be?
Q: I'm not 30 yet, but I'll fit in perfectly with the older guys. Can you make an exception for me?
Q: I'm under 30 and I REALLY REALLY want to play in this league. Can you make an exception for me?
Q: What equipment to I need?
Q: Where can I get equipment?
Q: How are teams formed?
Q: How long is a season?
Q: When are the games played?
Q: What is game play like?
Q: Where do you play?
Q: Do I have to have experience?
Q: Are goalies drafted as well?
Q: What is the skill level of your players?
Q: Are you a coed league?
Q: What's this about stick time?
Q: Can anyone play sticktime? Can I just show up and play?
Q: My first time playing... what should I expect?