Atlanta Adult Roller Hockey League

Thank you for inquiring into what  I am told is the best roller hockey league in the Atlanta area. You do have to be 30 years old or older as of December 31st of the current year. You will be required to show a driver’s license or valid id to verify this the first scrimmage/sticktime you come to.

Our Facebook page is:

A link to the league By-laws:  AARHL By Laws 

Note:  We are an old man league, thus we still rely heavily on the ancient technology of email for communication.  So it would be wise to check your email every so often and keep James’s, Andrey’s, and Chris’ email addresses (all of which are listed on this email) handy and white-listed from any spam filters.

Joining The League

If you are inquiring about joining the league, please note that we are a draft league with set and balanced teams drafted every season.  We normally don’t let players join the league mid-season unless there is a rare case of an early season ending injury and we need to fill a spot.      So if you inquiring mid-season, you’ll probably have to wait until the next season for league play.     We run four 10-week seasons a year with sign-ups normally happening in January, May, August,  and October.   We’ll inform you by email when sign-ups start.

Step 1: Use the contact page to request an Evaluation

Step 2: Be Evaluated (You can do this ANY time between now and the last week of registration for the next season)

Step 3: Wait until the next season’s registrations begins.

Step 4: Register

Step 5: Look for the draft, team announcements email.

Step 6: Welcome Aboard, get ready for your first game in the AARHL

Evaluation and Stick Time

Prior to joining the league, you are required to come out for a Wednesday stick-time for a draft evaluation in order to properly place you in the correct division.  There are no skills or skating drills, The evaluation simply consists of playing a game of sticktime/pick-up hockey.   After that scrimmages are not mandatory. We have two guaranteed divisions, Gold and Silver. A Bronze division will also open up when enough people register for a given season.


There are three Wednesday scrimmages sessions 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm.   There is a $5 per session cost.   I have copied Andrey, our sticktime coordinator,  who will send you information on our Wednesday Scrimmage. Wednesday’s are not open scrimmages so you come by invitation only from Andrey.

For YMCA Liability reasons, sticktime is reserved for Current League Members. As a prospect, the YMCA does allow up to three(3) sessions before you must register for a season.  The 3 session limit is removed if you are a Full Monthly Member of any Atlanta Metro YMCA.

League Costs:

If you are already a “Full Member” of the YMCA or plan to be a full member, then the league is currently $110 per season.  If you do not belong to the YMCA, then you will need what the YMCA calls a “Program Membership” in order to join the league. A Program Membership allows you to participate in leagues only (no use of the full facility).  The Program Membership is $40 and is good for 1 year (4 hockey seasons).   The league fee for “Program Members” is $150.   This is all payable to the YMCA at the front desk or through their website during the registration period.   Registration will always open with a week long “early-bird” period where you save $10 off registration costs.      Finally, we as a league will collect $20 a season for goalie, admin, equipment, and website fees. Your captain will collect this from you during the course of the season.   Jerseys will be provided as part of the league costs prior to your first game.

YMCA Member - $150  To the YMCA, $20 to the AARHL

Non-YMCA member - $110 to the YMCA, $20 to the AARHL   (+ $40 yearly YMCA membership for your first season)


League Basics:


Many questions can be answered from our FAQ:   But if you have any additional questions , feel free to ask.

Welcome Aboard and we'll see you soon,